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I sit meditatively holding the duck egg. It has two teeth marks in it, a bluish shadow is forming at one of the circular chipped areas. I guess a raccoon tried to get into it before i picked it up, where it lay below the tree, along with other broken eggs and feather down – the tragedy of a duck family that didnt happen.

I sit holding the egg, thinking about the duckling inside which did not get to live;
I am a god being, holding earth and its shell surround of atmosphere, thinking sadly of the potential that will not come to pass, because the ecological niche, the life inside is dying. I AM one with what is, microcosm mirroring macrocosm.

I commune with the potential duckling, I love the feel of the egg. Another artist friend kept an egg for two years;  one day he noticed it vibrating gently, before trails of brown, orange and ochre ooze squeezed out of the shell without breaking it and dripped odorlessly down the outside. He still has it, this slow changing art work. The duckling inside has painted itself outside on the shell.

In the Mandlebrot fractal, the same pattern repeats though there are infinite variations in the repetition.

What will be the fate of Earth?. Earth and life co-arise. Life is inherent in Earth. Humanity will be woken up. We are waking up. We are awake. What art will our species create as we attempt to survive the death of our ecological niche.? In terms of geologic time, and evolutionary time, great temperature shifts happen rarely and we are in a time of unstoppable warming. Subsequently, there is the potential for a reglaciation also – all of it changes the ecological web of life of which we are part irrevocably. We will have to evolve. Or die.

Art and imagination first became humans as we became more than animal though still animal. Art and imagination will help us become wiser than homo sapiens, though still homo sapiens sapiens until we evolve into Persona Integralis. It is happening already. We are all part of the unified human species which knows itself to be one with this Earth and will learn again how to commune with the whole and with each other. Birth can be painful, and often perilous. Not all seeds survive.

My egg will not hatch, but Earth’s human fate is not yet decided. egg