In this writing I use imagery of birth and relationship to describe the human species that is emerging, and the relationship humans have to Earth.
These are simultaneous phases.

I see returning to Earth, our knowledge that we are one conscious ecosystem.. Humans have human consciousness. Animals have a different consciousness and different ways to express it .Their consciousness is as valid as ours and in many ways similar. Oh how  insanity permeates our misguided culture. Juval Harari ( Sapiens) thinks it happened when man demoted god ( the concept of “the Divine” ) and thereby arrogated to himself divinity. I see this era as a time when Earth ( goddess) is returned to respect, and Mankind ( mind of human concept God) knows we have Consciousness of a very special kind, which can empathize with all, having gone through all forms in the human womb.

The way we manage our food sources is wicked bad. We know this and eat vegetarian or organic or think we should, or cannot afford it and go on allowing our SELF, mother Earth, to be raped by Agribusiness.

We are like an abused spouse. Man has denied divinity. Man has arrogated divinity to himself – instead of Himself. ( a possible alternative). WWJD? An ideal human ( the Jesus concept) would not accept this wicked pollution of nature, this insanity. This rape. Together we can be the hands that like Samson, break down the temple of corporate profit. Breathe in, PUSH….

SO how do we children of Gaia, we abused humans stop the battery? First the battered person has to remove themself from the situation – hopefully they have been able to plan ahead somewhat.

Planning ahead. We are learning how to improve the food we eat- it is IMPORTANT to be part of that movement. A friend told me his new girlfriend was trying to be vegan which was causing difficulties and self recrimination. My husband and I hardly eat together – this is not ideal but its not enough to break us up. We’re used to it. This is how it has to be in marriages that take place between people who have lived their own way for so long. Tolerance and letting go of dreams that are not shared, in order to work on those that are. Finding common ground.

Boiling water kills weeds, and sometimes we just have to use poisons… in the old times when the termites ate the house the people had to move and rebuild. Now I too have had my house tented. AAAARGH I’m the abused spouse who participates in the abuse.

SO is this the time for asking for help from an outside source.? Yeah man – that is working for me. The greater world is waking up and waking up and waking up. The old corporate greed still holds sway but the beautiful young all around are seizing the day. Thirty somethings in my neighborhood are inspiring. I feel marvelous when I feel my way into a second chakra awareness of my connection to beloved  Humankind . I know the old abusive ways still pertain, and I am still living in that house, AND I am opening my eyes to the hope that i find in TED talks, in blogs, in books, in internet courses …

I know Nature has to respond to the abuse and shake off the abuser. I identify with Earth, mother nature; I withdraw my focus from insanity. I know any major news will reach me. No papers, no TV, sometimes updates from John Oliver or Trevor Noah and the news programs I hear in my car. I live in my own fantasy world in the midst of the chaotic suicidal species. I live in world filled with humans who are striving to fulfill their purpose which includes an Earth restored.
I look for human spirit in everyone. As it was injured in me, I see the injuries in others. I look through their faults to see our human pain. I am learning to look through mine to find the injury that has kept me from fulfilling my purpose – lack of belief in myself. Now Earth, believe in your Humans. We are one with you.

eco silk

This Art work ( “She Knows”  by me, detail ) can be seen in full at Carrollwood Cultural Center, Tampa. Fearless Fiber exhibition July 6 – Aug 28. opening July 28th.


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