Inspiration, breath and spirit.

“ the moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.” (Omar Khayam)

what if the darkness descends, the bombs fall –  it has been written
what if the weather destroys   – it has been written
what if the sicknesses come – it has been written
what if the humans survive – it has been written

what if what i know is true:  we do not die, our bodies are temporary bone houses for our soul and soul is the same as life force, spirit, breath. Inspiration.

what if i am a wise woman with a story to tell, a way of life to offer,  a way to be happy and make sense of the calamities.

what if our soul was one soul, that this one soul is experiencing itself in matter, that this one soul evolved the human mind in order to experience itself in matter.

what if this one soul is eternal and therefore outside of time.
What if soul, slowed down and materialised, is all earth beings.
Time – which is relative to earth beings, is a creation of the earth beings. For this one soul all time is now.

what if time is moebius circular always passing through areas of the same one stillness NOW,
what if that One Soul is all time, all space, all history, all herstory, experiencing itself as this,
that we are new iterations of one soul materialised, slowed down;
that matter is its material form and life is one spirit clothed in matter.

What if I knew this – then what?

What if i knew that I Am ever here?
what if i knew that I am who I am as part of ONE SOUL
(“it’s all you, but it’s not all about you”. Pateh Parsons)
what if i knew that in every era  I AM here, in every country I AM here, in every part of time space continuum – the rest of me is there in every country every era, every person.
What if i knew that we are one being, like my hands so different from my feet are one being.
What if I AM yoga, increasing awareness of connection between inner and outer, top and bottom, gross and immaterial?

What if, in doing yoga, i live my truth, and strengthen my awareness of this truth.
this knowing that all matter is information; that information is smeared on the walls of the black hole, that it is always and ever connected because it emerges from one starting point  – the cosmic egg of all potential – that which is unmaterialised.
We are held here in connection with earth by gravity and the constant interchange of particles.
what if there is sentience in all, and humans are sentience aware of itself.
Then yoga is good and full.

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