EGG visions.

Holding the heron’s egg that fell from the destroyed nest some weeks ago, i meditate.
Egg of All potential, once i was you, an egg with a lifetime of possibilities before me.
The stories we tell ourselves create our lives.
I attempted to remain faithful to my island boy friend when i returned home – and did not fall into relationship with two or three suitors who would have been suitable.

(Celibacy is not a valued virtue in these times.
The children whose marriages fall apart are already fancying others.)

Oh the things I did not do for lack of belief, and lack of understanding what my life is about; oh the things i did do that utterly changed my life..
Randomly taking a one day course in silk painting and finding my medium which has supported me for many years…

Egg of all Potential – i think of my dead, my pa, my recently dead friend. You are now returned to the egg. When my dear friend Mariette died some years ago, i had a dream of a golem like, elfish, small dark, green clothed figure reaching a hand from a dark cavern in a tree like space and seizing the egg that my dream knew was Mariette, and secreting her away into the darkdepths.

This heron’s egg I hold in my hand represents the ALL Potential to which we return. We are the egg and in the egg. When we die our sense of separation is completed and we know our oneness because once more we are one with the flow.

Human life is our chance to know, to be embodied here, where material and pattern are given freedom to dance, and we are the dancer – this is our chance.

The patter, the pattern of human thought evolves, ever loves, and may die. with us. until we comprehend paradox, paradigm shift, and the importance of believing in our potential which WE create together – to get her.. It is the time of the rebirth of equality.

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