I AM the great I am and you are too.

Is it not probable that consciousness is evolving to know itself in human form? is it not possible that humans are one being, ( among many ) on earth, and that just as squiirels or sheep – we are interchangeable yet unique to ourselves, we are one species, who took on the ability to become individual , and thereby lost our concept of ourselves as One species, and that we ( some of us) are evolving to know ourselves once more as one, without losing our awareness of ourselves as individuals. That getting beyond ego consciousness is key, and that we do this by being aware of a reality beyond our ego story. I AM this and so are you, like skin cells which are a part – ever replacing itself – in a body… that we cannot see the larger whole but we can sense it already.. those of us to whom this idea is only as conceptual as god itself – all all all a creation of the human mind, fabricated from the material reality as observed by a limited yet endlessly potential set of senses…  Am i not justified in saying I AM god when god calls itself I AM, saying to Moses “tell them I AM sent you. ”


to enlarge upon the above..:

A long long time ago I had an image of a chameleon’s eye which had these words upon it: Save TIme, See it My Way.  My silk painting of a chameleon and flowers.

chameleon and luna moth 1.15

I am “god bothered” . I, Elizabeth Mitchell, born half way thru the twentieth century am a child of my upbringing which was Anglican, and my spirit which is bhakti or devotional. I am “god bothered”; it is thus my sister refers to my obsession with figuring out why religion is not the force for peace, love and survival that all of us “god-bothered” folk know it could be.
I, Lib, learned of “GOD” as some”thing” separate from me and what is. This is partly a hangover of old style religion and partly a factor of language. What is “GOD” , is ineffable.
The Bible story  is dear to me as one of the greatest stories ever told – not the only story. Stories used to evolve in their telling. Books have interrupted this process. To love the book more than the story is as mad as to love the law more than the spirit of the law. It is a reaction of fear.
The only difference between matter and NO THING is consciousness. The only difference between that which is and that which “god” is, is consciousness. God includes both male and female and is neither. God includes good and evil and is neither. Our human concerns are divine concerns only in so far as they work towards unity of consciousness. “god” is One (love) . There is multiplicity within unity. The Milky Way is a unity full of individual stars. Our human minds make the classifications and the names. Our human minds are divine when they are concerned with exploration. Our human minds are limited and imperfect. Our combined human mind across time is non material evolution of awareness. Our purpose is awareness of who I AM.
“god” is Logos – aum, i am..( “tell them I AM sent you” god tells Moses, when Moses is looking for how to justify the message he got in the mountains to guide the people out of Egypt). Humans are the ones who know I AM in a self reflective way. We become obsessed with our human selves , and arrogant.
I AM is the consciousness of what is, i.e. I AM what is, in a non material form. I AM material form also, for that is a slow slower slowed vibration of me. Material form is dense. Material form is not free to know who and what I AM. Material form can only experience who and what I AM by being, by being within MY consciousness.
MY consciousness is unified consciousness. MY consciousness is Love. MY consciousness is constantly in love with manifestation in all its forms. MY consciousness loves those who suffer and those who ease suffering. MY consciousness is with those who suffer when they turn to ME. Who AM I ??
I AM that which is. I AM life force within that which is. I AM matrix. I Am known as dark energy, ether, love, god, life, nature. I AM inseparable from what is. I AM  totality,  whole, that which is  Big Bang.
I AM incomprehensible, ineffable.
The effusion above is the only way I can talk about “god”. It is distinctly Quaker Pagan Rastafari Mystic.*( see below) These philosophical streams recognise there is no separation between that which is and that which God is.
Our human concern at this point in time needs to be directed towards doing what we can to ensure survival of our ecological niche without which we cannot continue. Our ecological niche is irrevocably changing and we human are attempting to evolve also.
We who are aware and who care are part of the great movement to change our species, to evolve our species beyond homo sapiens sapiens – the ones who know they know to wombo sapientia – a species which recognises it is inseparable from its environment.
To homo Integralis – a species which knows it is one with all.
To Wombman – a species which respects the mother.
Oh make up your own definition and let it contain that which matters: without co-operation with each other and nature there will be no surviving humanity in future iterations of this earth’s biosphere.
*Why Quaker? – the Bible story is totally interesting and interpretable, it is a story of my culture, like the Iliad was for the Greeks, it can be told and retold and is told and retold.
Once stories were free of the confinement of books, in some senses they still are. I take that freedom for my Bible story.
Quakers are the most non-dogmatic type of Christians I know, they have super things to teach about peace building and co-operation, their focus is on Peace and Social Justice. They create a peace community.
Why Pagan? – Pagan for me, refers to a time before western civilization. One might say it was time “when god was a woman” when Nature was respected as a community of living entities, and humanity did not see ourselves as separate from Her. We did not see ourselves as being the only ones who could think or love.
Pagan consciousness knows the community of being in all forms.
Why Mystic? – For me, mystics know the unity between religious stories in the ecstasy of experience. Mystics know the community of adoration.
Why Rastafari ? – Rastafari, as I was taught to know this belief, see the unity between the material world and the divine. If Haile Selassi is “god”, I am “god”. I AM  – everything a human does with conscious awareness of divinity is the god thing. The evolutionary life force is us in human form and squirrel in squirrel form etc – humans though have this difference: we are aware that we are aware.  We are homo sapiens sapiens. Rastafari is awareness that our human consciousness of what is, can be a divine awareness;  ie something so much greater than our individual ego’s knowing. There can be a community of knowing.

5x5 collage


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