3 Poems

It’s About Eternity
My mind watches itself,
A fly trapped in amber,
Struggling to comprehend
The end
Is the beginning.
Goodbye to the study
of rotting carcasses,
to the horrid swarm of mindless buzzing.
Hello to history,
to a mind trapped in time,
to stardust watching itself
form galaxies and fractal nebulae.
Snake Walk
Walking, watching the clouds,
I see skulls, and dissolution;
meaning shaping and shifting
as wind patterns randomness.
Sun, my beloved, sinking behind
and lending light to form.
My beloved’s mind and mine are one,
coterminal in my thought.
I alone of we three am human.
Little snake mind, in little snake head,
snake coils round my little neck,
Large sun sinking: One mind in my head.
Does the snake know what I dream?
Do I know what the sun dreams?
Is it only I who dream?
Cool coils pressing my throat,
Firm form wrapping my arm,
Muscular movement snaking
up to whisper touch my skin
with red forked tongue.
What tasting kiss is this?
No enmity. Love.
For K
It’s not the thought,
but the way you think.
Not the shoulds and the oughts,
but the way you stink
At figuring it out.
There’s nothing to figure .
Jut be.
It’s not the human
But the human mind.
Not the action
But the way you find
to justify it.
There’s everything to justify.
Be true.
It’s not the decision
But the way you decide
And second guess
and make a mess
and cry
It’s alright, and wrong,
All die.
It’s not the wrong doing
But the way you judge.
Seeking perfection –
Unreasonable confection –
On you trudge.
Its not that you’ve fallen
or that you’re pure –
You are both and neither.
Pfffft !  It’s all horse manure !
Pferd apfel.
Horse apple.
The shitty old story can grow,
Now we know
We ARE the mind of god in its human form.

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