On Skin Color

On Skin Color.

This adorable story crossed the internet waves and warmed many hearts.

One little boy  wanted his  hair to be cut like his friend’s  “so our teacher can’t tell us apart .”
Here is another – I was speaking to a woman from Africa who commented on her husband’s predilection for light colored clothes. He was walking towards us past a white walled building. His wife said, “See, its like he’s in camouflage, he blends right in with the building!” I hoped my surprise and delight was concealed within my chuckle. For me, with my culturally heightened awareness of my whiteness – there was no way this very dark skinned man blended in with the building.

The beauty of melting pot cultures is that eventually, in the words of Haille Selassi, as mediated by the divine Bob Marley – “the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes.”

This can be that day; the dream of lasting peace grows world wide. We are sick of war.



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