On Abortion.

On abortion.

By law in America, every woman is free to grow her foetus inside her womb. Coathanger abortions are no longer the only option for poor women who need to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.
A woman’s actual potential  can be chosen over a potential not yet actualised.

Which of these is you?

You are against abortion so you voted Republican.
You voted Democrat because you believe that life matters.

You believe it is a sin to kill the foetus, because it is life – and so you are a pacifist and against the death penalty right?
You believe in heaven, where the foetus will go in unstained purity, so there is no problem, right? ?
You believe that bodies reincarnate – so the foetus will have another chance, right?
You believe this life is all there is and you are so terrified of your own death, you project that terror onto innocent unborns. Their un-lived life is a mirror of yours.
You believe this life is all there is and you also stridently protest death penalty, war and domestic gun violence.

Let us not be distracted by red herrings. The wealthy will always get abortions comparatively safely. The poor already struggle and frequently are forced to have babies by the impediments to abortion.

Some of these children live miserable short violent lives. Some do not. Some wealthy people live miserable long lives participating in  violence to the planet and other nations. Some do not.

Roe v Wade enshrined the legality of safe abortion, and the freedom for a woman to choose her own actual potential life.lib2yrs-web

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