Morning Matter Pattern.

Thatwhichis kicked off the covers and mewled for sustenance. After some time belly mind wandered towards food source, was scooped and tumbled, cleaned and rebundled and placed where food was present. A few bites satisfied and curiosity mind slipped down to the floor to explore. Consciousness is awareness of what is now.
Thatwhichis awoke to sorrow and regret. Biting through remorse, the body stirred on less than comfortable couch, and mind wished for its own sweet inhabited bed, now banned. The pattern is current and historical. Consciousness is in the system and lacking in the system.
Thatwhichis luxuriated in the hot water. Cooler air outside made bathdeep body unified delight. Slowly land sank beneath surface, mountainous knees simultaneously arising, always a nostril able to breathe air. Hair swirled seaweed in currents created as matter heaved and moved in waters bounded by ice white walls. The system was finite and infinite. Consciousness was in the system but was not the system.
Thatwhichis chirped in the branches and answering calls made soundscape richer. As wind rattled leaves, as sun warmed Earthskin, as moon ceded place, as ice caps melting, as water rising and falling, as witnessed by Time which is not, Consciousness wrote and having writ moved on.




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