Reading the cards.

3.17 card reading


The central card – present moment – is a female form, green like lettuce and new, superimposed on a sleeping male form which has a torturous dream contraption affixed to its brain; in the upper right are tanko – the perfect Koi. This represents my feminasculine mind which is influenced by

The card laid on top of it – the Influencer – Bad Santa. The gifts were coal and displeasure, the gifts were tarnished and the soul frightened.

To the left is – the recent past – a little girl clinging to a security which is washing away, the sorcerer juggles umbrellas as the spirit’s vision is occluded by his tricks.

To the right is – the near future – crows facing in both directions – spirit must be strengthened and reality must be dealt to.

At the bottom is – the distant past – space, alien transports ( shells represent this to me) and the evolution of time.

At the top is- the distant future -polar bear ( large mammals ) balancing on a decreasing foothold, the life contained in every drop of water going down the toilet; and the Eiffel tower reminding me that human life on this earth is as the skin of paint on top of the Eiffel tower ( dinosaurs were 5-600 feet  of it.)

To the further left is – the witness – a Calder mobile representing Balance.

3.17 new card


A new card for today. From a large stock of magazines, i pick four at random and find the first image in each that strikes me as what i want to use. I noticed a parking ticket which was in fact just a warning, I had kept it for a symbol of rejoicing. I used it to make the snake. To fill the too much empty space at the bottom, my hands shuffling through resources found a piece of clothing pattern and created a Righteous Babe goddess form. Interpretation of today ( for they change every time) – on a background humans in rising waters, an alternative watch face grows rabbit ears ( time, a concept,  is evolving ). Snake travels through the book ( a reference to freeing our female selves from devil concepts) a girl child looks on with the bright eyes of innocence, and the Righteous Babe goddess is redux.

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