Real News is Old

I am delighted to imagine that Trump voters and Democrats would equally love and share a nature story. I said so at a party. The three people in the space, glanced up from their phones and said they just dismissed such stories and didn’t bother with them. I felt rather dismissed myself.  I spoke into the absence about how those who create fake news change it up slightly to suit consumers of every stripe. I had begun to wonder if the turkeys circling a dead cat  story ( see below fr link)  was fake news and a video creation. Google NPR “fake news” and find lots of stories – its not new.

I would like to enlarge upon my point – it is in our love of nature and our awe at natural beauty found in every blooming flower, in the beauty of weeds in the grass, in the stirring of wind in the leaves, in the soaring flight of birds, and the sweet soft purring of cats, in the joy of dogs, and the miracle of our human hands, that we will find solidarity. I celebrate this. I live in this awareness. It consoles me as I wake every day in a world going insane as it deserts the natural world in a mad rush for coffee and money to pay the bills. I walk in the park and give thanks, i rejoice to see children in the playground and parents of whatever skin tone chatting and watching. Life is full of beauty. May we be ready to share what we have. There is enough for everyone.

Meanwhile my art magazine talks of fake Brillo Boxes being sold for tens of thousands of dollars each, and oh what a scandal, some folk brought multiples of them for hundreds of thousands. This is wickedness.  Insanity. War and oil and excessive profit are the system we inhabit which is thank goodness, dying. In its death throes it is killing nature and people. We who are aware are the breath of the future. Breathe in mes amies, breathe out the madness, breathe in delight. Breathe out the sadness, breathe in and hold space for night which is always followed by day, here on earth. moon 3


3 thoughts on “Real News is Old”

  1. i am thinking about buying a thirty dollar toilet seat. The old one is not cracked but old and doesnt gleam clean when cleaned. How can i spend$30 on a luxury, unnecessary luxury, when others starve. ? So for years i havent. And i have sent my little contributions. It is the shitstem. ( thanks Phoebe Washburn for the term) . We live in a shitstem . like a bacteria in a gut. Some attack the shitstem, some exist. The shitstem is killing itself. When the shitstem collapses, some bacteria will continue to thrive. Some will starve. Everything will be “changed. changed utterly” a “terrible beauty” is being born. ( Wm Butler Yeats’ words). All I can do is live in awareness and keep striving to maintain balance. Wealthy and poor we are together in this shitstem. But no worries. It is inevitably bound for collapse. The world that emerges from the debris will be so different, that only those born into it will be able to survive. Nature knows this, and allows natural creatures to die. Suicide planet, I choose life. I speak with Earth tongue. Goodbye human idiot, wrapped in your own delusions. Hello divina persona. Now shut up and get on with living as a 21st century human in a time of chaotic change. I am strangely attracted to the light of my own lamp. giggle.


  2. oh my. Feeling insanely sane. Uselessly useful. Desperately calm. “the truth is in the extremes, not the middle.” God and devil are here together. To get her. Goddess rises in me. Nature, see!!! God is in my head, an idea long overdue to be dead and to rise again as LOVE, which it does every morning here on earth. From solar band 365 earth is a dot. The sun only rises and sets for us who see it from our planet. So what. So nothing. This “absolute truth” of sun rise and set, is also relative.


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