I AM -Je suis – Jesus! me!

“That’s terrible, see how the Democrats have failed us,” they cry.

“But Trump is letting the insurance companies WRITE the laws,” he said. “You people are so dumb. You are so full of hate and bigotry.”

“ That’s terrible – that’s why we voted for Trump”, a woman had said after hearing about the 60 -80 hour shifts, the dust filled atmosphere, the lack of safety and health precautions, the healthcare provided by the factory which had a $10,000 deductible and no co-pays so workers were unable to see specialists because they could not pay full freight. Their meds had been provided by the factory’s clinic but recently that had stopped too, forcing them to pay full drugstore price.

“That’s terrible, that’s why we voted for Trump”, a man had said after hearing about the insurance policy which did not pay for water damage from seepage unless it was reported within a week of the failure which caused it; which unfortunately had been unavoidably invisible behind a retaining wall.

Divided, we are overruled, and the war against an earth restored goes on.

“There is no old man in the sky. God is a fiction”, he declared.
“I am god and goddess; nature and humanmind; I am divine in my Totality, and oh so frail in my human egocentricity, which sometimes sees how it is divine”, she replied.
“Go away”, he said, and returned to reading his car magazine.
She walked and admired the squirrel’s nest in the leafless tree, thinking of rocks for pillows, and Finn MacCool nesting mad in the tree, poor unhousel’d wretch. Her mind danced through its cultural references with delight and joy. Anima Mundi flowed through her all day long in moments of bliss in nature, music and art.
When humans are gone, the birds will have to contend with the housecats. Human awareness will be gone along with our ecological niche. Unless we can evolve and become divine – one glorious rejoicing mind.
A smartly designed car passed, she gave a thumbs up to the driver, a young man on her block. She appreciated car design since being with her old man. Her divine mind rejoiced in human invention, grieved at human destruction, breathed in knowing I am Life Force itself, ever here, everywhere, and longing for all to know this glow.

Listening to a program about fighting cyber crime, she could see the ever escalating madness, the inescapable tit for tat. Hearing about bombings in foreign lands she could see the ever escalating madness, the inescapable tit for tat. The wipeout inevitable on the current mediated course. Meanwhile she took her solace and fed her hope, listening to consciousness rising and filtering through the internet. The joy and happiness she experienced in consciousness could balance out the fear and anger in the world she hoped. Vietnamese had been blitzed by America, they left the past behind and moved on into the present. The behaviour of Christian, Muslim and Jewish nations remained wedded to the habits of a  vengeful god. She longed for the open arms of  je suis  ( I AM aka Jesus)  experienced in herself, to look with love upon the whole world, with forgiveness and understanding and a desire to heal the suffering felt so deeply within the earthbeing that she is.

( for those who dont know. Je suis = I AM in French. and I AM is what “god” calls itself. Exodus 3.14)


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