Aliens and alienation, pollen and cross pollination.

6.45am. earlymid February 2017. A clang, metallic, loud, distinctive, sheering outside the open window, cutting through the soundscape, leaving an imprint and disappearing. The imprint curled at the ends like the large petal that falls from the banana pod as the bananas reveal themselves. Larger at one end than the other, silver, grooved,  and some 6 feet in length. I have synaesthesia –  sounds and tastes reveal themselves as colors and shapes to me. What this was I do not know.
I saw lights in the sky behaving strangely and wrote of that in an earlier post. I see many strange phenomenon, which I remark upon to myself at the time, and then forget because they are not fitting my consensual model of reality, but now I record them.
There are facts, there are observations, there are the stories we tell ourselves which create our reality. Wade Davis says he grew up to regard trees as resources waiting to be used. He lived with Amazonians who grew up to regard trees as their sacred living home. Trees are consensual objects, the story we tell ourselves about them, says Wade Davis,  makes ALL the difference.
I tell myself a Quaker story, that there is light in everyone. I myself sense it as being somewhere between the lower ribs and the ovaries ( whatever that lovely flat area is on unfat men). I look for the light in others, and in the pupils of eyes I see “the soul”.  So what if it is just a story I tell myself, of a universal soul that is coming to a point of evolution – to know itself as one in humans.  The other choice is death – the universal soul in humans knowing or not knowing itself as one with the ecological niche of large mammals whose life support system is rapidly being eroded. The shit is hitting the fan.

My garbled political reality is this. I think humans need to live in cooperation and harmony with nature and others. I don’t mind some people having  reasonably more wealth than others, some risking more, some working harder, but everyone is to be valued for their own unique contribution which is to be given a chance to flourish. I believe Castro tried to redistribute wealth more fairly, paying a certain compensation to the super wealthy as he shared their land with the poor. However Cuba was banned from commerce, driven into the arms of Russia, and unable to flourish, becoming repressive in the efforts to maintain the now distorted dream. I witnessed Jamaica’s economy crumbling under Manley who tried to share the wealth of the country with the people, and was banned from world commerce by the giant in the game –  America. And so the people elected CIAga oh I mean Seaga, who played nice with America once again. No wonder those who hold the strings decapitated the Bernie Movement.
Oh America, home of our dreams of freedom and a chance for everyone. I experienced the delight of coming here from a country where the people were taken care of by government programs like free education and healthcare, but making more than a living was not possible!. New Zealand was far from the global playing field, imported goods were expensive, and we had a small economy. Here  in America, I experienced an ease of making money I described as being able to put your hands up and catch money just flying around in the air. The ole “streets paved with gold” story. It’s not quite so easy these days.
I remember when NZ opened its borders to trade and our local manufacturers of shoes for example closed down, and the streets became choked with second hand Japanese cars. Part good, part bad.
I hear people say the banking system cannot survive and is heading towards failure – then what? Last time, Obama kept the ship afloat by preserving the system that benefits the rich and the rest of us are fed well enough tho increasingly less well, on the crumbs. It is the future that carries that debt. What will happen next time? In Cyprus, the government put a closure on the banks and said anyone with more than $100,000 in the bank now has $100,000. The rest has been requisitioned.
This article appears to be from 2012, I read a more recent one in which a man who was returning to Cyprus after a life of working overseas, sold his house in Britain and put the money in his Cypriot bank account, only to lose it when the banks put a hold on the money. I guess he hadn’t read this article. I do not know what is paranoia and what is fact. I do know that currently America seems to be pursuing an isolationist policy which will have interesting consequences.
Workers create all wealth. We are the mouths that need to be fed, the bodies that need to be clothed, earth will flourish with fewer of us. We will have to co-operate to survive.
I give thanks and praise for every moment of every day in which I do not need healthcare, I have hot water, and I have a roof over my head. I live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods on earth, where I greet delightful people whose color or religion or sexual preference or politics is of no concern to me, as we walk outside in the common area – the streets and the park. I enjoy conversations with a man who believes the moon is hollow; a tea party man who says “consider me as your moderate Republican neighbor”; a man from Cuba who despises Castro; and many excellent women.  Woop de doo. This is my life. white heron


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