Connectivity. Reality and I-mage-ination

This Blog is a selection of writings from this mornings correspondence:

Once we were just organisms that were digestive tracts, now we are a complex digestive tract.

… as for rumpf – i dont even know what madness he’s doing at the borders, apparently he’s dismantled healthcare and given the go ahead to push oil pipelines thru indian lands
exxon mobi has 60% of its reserves ( !!!) in Russia and Putin wanted the sanctions lifted so Russian oil could be developed and so Russia could get the equipment. It’s just a speedy demise. Don’t worry.

Be aware of consciousness. Sun doesnt mind, Earth regrets. We can live in the sunlight and know we are of earth.

All we can do is be the consciousness of earth and sunlight.
It is the same consciousness.

Anticapitalism in the Republicans? i know some have forgotten social responsibility and don’t care to create parks or libraries anymore, others are more awake, but still not lion’s. Not noble. Greedy. I think a protectionist can still be capitalist ( can make a profit) . The fact that isolationism is contrary to the course of evolution may make present capitalist success more difficult. Corporate globalisation on the huge scale needs to be disempowered in my view ( terribly ignorant view). I think, like dinosaurs, the greedcorporates contain the seed of their own demise. The dinosaurs extinction was accompanied by a mass extinction, adaptable ones who could roll with nature’s rules evolved and survived in the post dinosaur era. We are still here. We are the light of the sun and the warmth of Earth, and consciousness in matter, currently in the most complex intelligence yet evolved with incredible and magnificent potential to understand how we are THE intelligence in human form. This too shall pass. We can evolve or die as a species. I FEEL evolution.

This morning i knew that consciousness will be ok because the heat of the sun is not going away and the warmth of Earth’s core is not going away, and that is Love. Love at such a fundamental level. We are in that loving womb, poisoning it as babies do until the greater system tries to get rid of them and the new is born, or one or both aborted.

If what is emergent ( humankind being the latest emergence) does not cohere with the system it will be aborted, sometimes the mother dies too – that’s the ecological niche. We do not know the future but we are also here and part of the baby – the emergent human who is aware that  nature has rules and to flout them has consequences.

We cannot do more than we are doing. I believe  Love for as much as we are able to love, is that which makes life on the surface of this earth. We are always that.

We are our mother’s daughters, our father’s spirit infuses us . Our bro is the sun/son. Family joy is what love thrives upon. The human family does its best through us all.

Anti-capitalist Republicans ? Personally, i believe in the responsible capitalism of my fatherland: my father explained that the one who makes the investment is entitled to the lion’s share of the profit. My father believed in fair wages, workers having shares in the company, in fact in the concept of stakeholders. Although he was still in the era of shareholders. Lions do not waste.
My mother and my motherland knew that taking care of the children of the poor is to take care of the future of the country. I grew up under social capitalism in NZ. It is largely dismantled now. Abuses of the system by rich and poor lead to fear. The powerful protect their own rape and pillage by turning the dissatisfaction of the people against them selves. With us divided, the powerful rule. Even the wealthy in OUR circles are part of the exploited. Their own children’s future is being destroyed along with the future of the children of the poor. I long for the common good to be understood as all our future.

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