Even if she was evil, it is important to recognise the devil. Paradox is. I AM.

The practical world is the world of money that my species has created. Funny that money as coin is called “specie”.  This world came into being as the era of the first peoples and goddess wisdom ended.
This is goddess wisdom:  Earth and all upon it are manifestations as itself of consciousness which is akin to energy.  Energy  vibrates at various levels, the lowest levels are densest – that is the matter which the “specie” species is aware of and sees as resources.
Those of us who are aware, know we are CSNS/energy/YHWH. I am consciousness. I know I am changing form, I know the old will be gone but forever is – it remains as DNA remains. I contribute to Awareness by being aware. This mind of CSNS either ceases to exist as human, as it did w dinosaur, or continues as human in a new form, as dinosaur does in us. The dinosaur smile says “They may say I crapped out as a life form, but no-one can say I didn’t live.”
Try saying I AM god/dess and know that means the consciousness of energy itself in all its manifestations. See the world as a living, communicating being of which “I AM” part, par inter pares. An equal among equals. Delusional in the world “specie” created, LIVING in the world of my mind which IS both inside and outside my head, and dies when I die, yet is “eternally now” (inside and outside of time.)  The world my mind sees is the world I AM creates. I AM Love, humanly imperfect but still trying.


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