Jumbled Gems. Tyr.

My mind is a treasure house into which gems are dumped without system or sorting. My mind is a gremlin obsessed with making connections and tying things together and leaving them in little piles of like objects , or tied together on a string, or constructed into strange sculptures. These objects litter the surfaces in the treasure house and become covered with dust and more gems randomly landing here and there.
I see so much, have read so much,  have been completely unscholarly and fail to note references. Hypothetical reader, thank you for existing.


one – 1 = being
two – 2 = manifestation and immediately there is
three – 3

Now a material image:
the triangle – eagle , ox, lion and at its apex above the ground the angel – creates a three sided pyramid. Angel comes to earth and 4 is born.

four – 4  the square.   Angel, now human, takes a corner in manifestation along with winged eagle( spirit), ox ( strength power manifestation) and lion ( heart, love, nobility , ideal)

five – 5 . In the hub of the four sided square, Man emerges, rises and creates Pyramids – four sided pyramids. Five apexes of the four sided pyramid represents man with our five fingers and five toes, x2.

Out of the four sided pyramid, making a five apex structure emerges a new emanation from the centre. Now  we find 6, a balance of the original 3, x2.  And out of the hexagon, the 7 emerges etc etc

The system dances among the numbers, the old gods have something to say.


saturday – saturn
sunday – day of the sun
monday – day of the moon
tuesday – Tyrs day  – i reckon Tyr is likely a goddess – a valkyrie reference. Did you ever read When God was a Woman. Or Not in HIs Image – this one gets a bit fanciful and verges off into a male speculation that didnt ring true to me.

Woden, Thor , Freya you know the rest.  wednesday thorsday freyas day

The deities of the south unite with those of the north to create our week.
Once upon a time female was in there, not as a subordinate.


Norse god of war, goddess of Justice . aka Mars- roman god of war,   Martedi is Tuesday in French.   Tyrsday – tuesday.  Tyr – JUSTICE  ( Norse) . Justitia, Sapientia ( Roman goddesses)  – wisdom , legal rules.  The first germanic councils were known as the thing. thing think thought.. This is the human mind working out how to co-exist. Mars consorts with Mammon – the mammary, mother of money. Money is good when it is currency and moving, an instrument of commerce;  bad when it is commodity and held in storage.


I see the connections of all things  – I am pre Babylon, pre fall of Babel’s tower. Bab – the gate…
el – god, elle goddess

I see the connections between all knowledge, all words. There is duality in all things. Too much of any thing is good for nothing – it needs to be tempered by its opposite which is so often hidden. One side of a duality is privileged in our current way, starting with the elevation of male over female, light over dark, etc etc . They co-exist and when one is privileged the whole suffers. Freud described penis envy because in his time no-one envied the vagina. Once woman, the feminine,  was worshipped as the source of life, when Nature was worshipped; when What IS was revered.
Human kind emerged and began to love ourselves more than the whole. We began to love gods made in our image, and forgot we are the human consciousness of What Is worshipping itself in endless hallelujahs of Iration ( creation by the I itself) .

The necessary process of individuation of consciousness, Saturn, the Fall, is reiterated in each human being. We move through 7 levels of consciousness, 7 chakras, towards death. Out of death emerges the new. Goodbye ecological niche, hello unknown flowering of what comes after. Consciousness is forever, it was dinosaurs, it has been polar bears, it has been humans, it has been large mammals – it is all of those still but this era is changing. Ragnarok. the great serpent  has eaten itself and will emerge out of the black hole of all potential blah blah blah

In the pre-written-historic time of the goddess, the male energy was in balance.
In the time of the god, the Saturnian male energy individuated as it always does. Thanatos, death came into the world – along with death wish, also Thanatos. Humans begin to bury their dead.
Sun arose. Son rise .  Day and night – light and dark – duality second chakra.  In cultures with only two words for color, they are always dark and light or black and white, the third word is always red – anthropologists have found this.
Moon awareness, aah horned goddess, the changing of night and day is reiterated in the changing of the moon, and her influence on water, and kidneys. Third chakra.
Then it is Tyr, Regulation, justice, and war to fight down those who are not part of the harmonious system.

Tyr TYR tyr – heart chakra. War has become completely unbalanced in our time and our hearts HURT.  Justice is not considered for those dispossessed.

The days of the week are relatable to the gods and goddesses of old, to the creation of ideas and systems, to the chakras, to evolution, to the big bang and continous creation. It is a glorious jumbled unity in my head, and every day I wake to the bliss of this experience.
CSNS – consciousness , JHWH – tetragrammaton, halelujah; the river runs by the park, the little lizard lies dead on the ground his white belly up, oh little fellow, hello to you in the bardo; my father returned in spirit to my very rational mother and told her “I’m going on”, I see my father’s spirit greeting me as spirit of dead lizard, next maybe he will greet me as angel. I am fulfilling my purpose here. Not as a scholar but as a crazy undisciplined artist who once again has spent time in the pleasure of ideas, rather than the necessary works of the day. One day the shit will hit the fan, hopefully  I will be ready.collage







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