Surviving in Community.

Blue Cardinal Red jay - Peace

Painting auction as fundraiser. This painting is one of my favorites because of the endearing and lively bird characters, and because of its meaning:
Puffin’ Blue Cardinal offers an olive branch to Red Jay.
Evolution creates new forms.
The rules are on the table but not they are not like they used to be. We are waking in a new era.
In the brave new world we make peace with our projections and our transferences.
Certainties have become mutable.
Complications are inevitable if the rules are off the table.

The evolved human is here in us. We are individual and collective. We strive to live without harming, without waste, with respect. We might as well look for evidence of that as it is concurrent with its opposite, which is bound for extinction.

If you would like to help me help a human family in need, send this info to someone with funky art tastes and a certain expendable budget, (in the Tampa area as shipping is prohibitive). The medium is lustrous 100% silk. It is  by famous silk artist me. Dimensions 32”x44”, including the plain redwood frame. The painting is valued at $1300. I will give 80% of an acceptable offer to the fund for Sarah, Bryan and Kaya.

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