A wry smile.

“ Exxon has 60% of its land leases  to develop for petroleum extraction in RUSSIA!!!!! Tillerson, nominated for Secretary of State, said he didn’t know about Saudi Arabia’s record, or Russia’s human rights abuses.. he’s chief exec of Exxon – or was until he resigned – but he’ll go right back and he’ll get paid beaucoup for his work …” , her words gushed out in a litany of horror and shocked disbelief.

Ginger and Siouxie  walked at a brisk pace around the park. Tiny birds flitted in the oak trees, spring buds were already forming on bare, deciduous branches, Cypress had dropped their rusty skirts. Mud flats glistened beside the river.

“Faint not, nor fear”, Siouxie encouraged, “ spirit is HERE. When it gets too much for me, knowing that, with all that fossil fuel extraction we are surely doomed, I remind myself – we are consciousness, here now as us. Life Force has been here before, at the edge of extinction of an ecological niche. We are dying and that’s how it is. Something new will emerge whose form is unknown to us – because it is new.”

Ginger’s mind wandered, she thought of the day ahead and that she would head home after this circuit.

“You know we are part of a web of being of course, the question is do you think it is conscious? Can you experience the consciousness of the whole aware of itself through you and in you?”

“Well, I don’t know about that. I just feel worried about the consciousness of people – like this guy who lives on my street – we were chatting – he’s a bit right wing, you know, but we talk – he said “I’ll be glad when they repeal Obama care. I’ll be all right cos I’ve got ACA’. When I told him they were the same thing, he didn’t believe me and said he was going to look it up.”

Siouxie sighed, and then laughed. “It’s beyond us to change this trajectory, we can only keep manifesting consciousness. Good on you for trying – I wonder what source he will get his fact checking from…”

They continued to walk and talk, delighting in the cool weather, blue skies and the blessed, blessed park, slowly eroding into the river, as maintenance could no longer be afforded, and the for hire companies the Park Dept. used, simply sprayed the river banks with weed killer increasing the erosion.

Siouxie identified with the deteriorating of the large mammals’ ecological niche, she knew she was like a tree whose roots were being undermined and whose future was limited, she and the trees choked on the poisons in the ground and in the air; her heart sang like the little birds when she remembered to be alive, like a tree she allowed her consciousness to be aware, without fear of tomorrow. She knew that Life Force consciousness was evolutionary.

The day and its demands absorbed them. Sleep and dreams awaited, and the same bullshit, the same delight on a different day would repeat until Humankind became something new as a whole species – Siouxie was rooting for Persona Universalis – a species who lived in cooperation like birds or ants – individual and collective flourishing within a larger web. gravityweb

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