Paradox. I AM/am not god: No thing – a think. Cogito ergo sum.

I AM /Am not God. Paradox, your time is Now.

Two sets of three plain brown leaf shapes twirl in different circles at the ends of a twig dangling from a trail of Spanish moss. Calder! I feel the inspiration that inspired Calder to make his mobiles. My mind delights in this.
I experience my human arm around  tree’s torso, its solid strength like a human being, I lay my head against it. We are one made of two. I am tree. I, tree, river see.
“I Am”, says the god concept which is a creation of the human mind, using human language. What is, can be called god. Why bother?  “There is no place God is not.” “God’s center is everywhere, circumference nowhere.” So what!
God is language – logos – “and the word ( Logos) was with God and the word was God.”
Humans are the ones who use language to describe their world. This is the divine activity of humans!
The world exists. What is, is.
We can stop arguing, the position needs no defense. The words are/ are not reality. Words create reality, by separating things. Every thing is first a “think” in a human mind. There is no separation but by naming, then identifying with the story. An essential and essentially misperceived activity.

I am the human mind of god:  From quantum wiggle to cosmic dance, and in the middle, our human circumstance. I exult in this!! I long for Peace.

Peace comes with acceptance of conflicting views. Both can co-exist. Common ground can be found.

I feel the joy of the jumping fish. The fish jumps to escape predators.
I see the face of the moon change communicatively as I observe it. The moon has craters – my eyes  deceive.
I see the traces of alien space ships in the strange burned holes in the pavement, which cluster at a certain part of the road. Natural explicable causes create these marks.
I feel the spirit space behind my eyeballs, behind your eyeballs, and surrounding this world manifested before my eyes. I know I am blood and bone, and beyond my vision the material, measurable world continues.

Spirit thinks in unified awareness. “God” describes the life force in matter which recognizes itself as me, without a care in the world. I, Lib have lots of cares in the world, but when they get overwhelming I can relax and know I am a temporary manifestation of the human condition. What is happening is happening and has happened and will happen to all of us. Extinction, change, rebirth as something new.

I, Lib, am one with the whole, as my finger is one with my body. Humanity as one conscious species has the potential to move as a flock of birds, or a school of fish – each individual entity part of a greater whole. Our egoic identification with our skin encased matter prevents us from feeling the bloody joy of being alive; we feel alive in those moments of freedom from ego concerns. In moments when we feel the pure emotions of love and joy, or are lost in creativity.  Anger, fear, and hatred come from ego’s selfishness, depression comes from I-Am-God’s frustrated longings. To bomb others is to bomb a part of ourself.

I hold to the story that the god mind knows itself to be everything, experiencing itself as everything, in potential, in realisation, in cessation. Matter is information. Information is smeared on the wall of the black hole, the cosmic egg of all potential,  ever breaking forth in big and little bangs, whirling, emerging in new formations, and ceasing – like breath. Awareness is all. This hugely divine awareness comes to earth in my/our experience of it. It cannot be removed from me. It is who I AM.

Prickles and Goo. I, spirit,  am a necessary corrective for linear prickles mind;  Linear focus is what I, gooey duck, need to thrive in a world which is material, anchored in the linear grid of spacetime.

“Ducks just let you be”. Quack quack quack. Quakers have a lot to offer in the experience of learning to listen. dove


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