“ If you pee yellow you are not drinking enough water.” My friend who spoke this aphorism, did not notice blood in his pee because it was diluted.
I drink at the public fountain, first sprinkling water to the four directions; Flint Michigan and lead-laced pipes of ancient Rome on my mind. I ask that the water which passes through me may be somehow connected through the consciousness of Water, in me, and in the earth. I see Him as taking poison out of the water and into Himself. “… drink, this is my blood” .

The rules of For Profit Healthcare, deprive him of needed care for one year. This amazing year of 2017. I recall the story of a Greek man, similarly stricken, who decided, after many medical trials and wasted time, to return to his Grecian Island and live the life he always longed for, getting up at an enjoyable pace, being outside in the fields, imbibing with friends in the evening, sleeping well and doing the same tomorrow. His tomorrows continued way past the medical cut-off date he had been given.

I recall the story of the Aborigine healer who said to a desperate and desperately ill person, “ You don’t drink, you don’t eat steak which you pine for, you don’t smoke, you eat food you dislike, you do nothing but focus on being sick – your body has no desire to live! Go and live.” The teller of the story lives to tell the tale, enjoying his pleasures.

Participating in work that kills the soul is possibly killing the body as well. Living each day “zif ’t were thy last” may be the way to live Forever in the moment Now.

Standing in the crook of a huge live oak, I unite its great trunks and feel united through it with earth, roots, and sky. I am Tree. “Rocco!” , my mind identifies the squirrel who looks at me as though to say, “You know me?” Walking on with spontaneous intention,  in a straight line crossing path and grass until I see another “Rocco!”, a fish ( instead)  jumps as though to say, “ You know me?”.  Intention satisfied.  As all squirrels are one to me,  I can see all  humans are “Rocco!” (or Adam/Eve,  Everyman)  to “Buddha mind” which does not make the ego distinctions commonly associated with our names. We are one species in our life experiences, variations on a theme. Loveable like squirrels to one not concerned with our fate. It will be what it is.

We represent the ecological niche of the large mammals. I suspect it is in its last years. “We all die. Not all men live.” Great extinctions are eventually followed by a flowering of the new – which can hardly be imagined. Our lives contribute to the trajectory. Carry on, mes amis.



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