Living Our Potential for Universal Love.

Living Our Potential for Universal Love

The stories we tell ourself create our reality. This is mine.

I believe in the potential for universal love. I grieve for the lost paradise which I see in potential, and in reality being destroyed.

The evolution of consciousness from all potential into the thousand things, which slowly learn to cooperate and see themselves as in fact one, continues. The stars see themselves in us through our eyes. All the animals and plants know this wordlessly. Humankind is the species in which consciousness becomes self conscious.

The ability to do wrong exists –  unselfconscious animals don’t “do wrong” – choice came in with humans. This is the human trajectory. We have experimented with freedom, our new experiment will be universal cooperation.

We cannot change the overall trajectory, only where we stand in the flow. Some are part of the next wave of evolution – the evolution of a cooperative intelligence; some do not contribute.

We remain  part of the problem while we see no way to be  a greater part of the solution. Our efforts are symbolic. They seem powerless. Our efforts are not useless if one believes in spirit (imagination, story), or the unity of us with  Earth. This is the story of humankind and we play our part. Ridiculous species; noble species; here we are.

I am attempting to regain and retain conscious awareness of “universal love”/“divine consciousness”,  before the individuation story set in, although it is essential to retain the knowledge of individuation or one becomes as the mental patient.

Animals, simpler human societies, and babies see  with “universal love”  i.e. limited, or no awareness of the capacity for individual action contrary to the whole environment.  Human babies discover their toes and realize the interface of the interior world with the outer world. The terrible twos are furious at their newly discovered power being denied them. Slowly they learn the consensual story and learn the interface is between I and thou – myself and the rest of the world; we moderns lose the nonverbal awareness of unity with everything.
We are all born as Buddha, as Jesus, as the enlightened one. Every baby born into whatever family  is  born with this knowledge because it is part of the anima mundi, the worldsoul.

In Paris,I saw the dinosaur bones, arranged in great ranks on table after table progressing on through mammals to us. Humans may wipe ourselves out but consciousness is us, it is polar bears, it is everything that ever exists… the new is evolving out of the chaos: choice, and freedom to invent without the desire to destroy, possess and control. This has already existed in the Australian Aborigine and no doubt other societies too; it exists in so many of us – now to universalize it.

Time is like the Eiffel tower, the dinosaurs were around for several floors, the humans are like the layer of paint on the top of the tower. Some part of their DNA is in us, some part of the evolution of consciousness. The whole exists.

Time has speeded up for us. When our culture with its short sighted ways has ended, the flow of time will return to beauty and naturalness. Eternity (outside of time) coexists with us and we access it when we are creative and loving, dancing, enjoying and striving; then we are part of beauty, eternal.

Mad mad world and here we are.

Blue Cardinal Red jay - Peace

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