A Diversionary Tale of Two Energies in One.

Sheltered from the  winds by the particular formation of the rocks, and looking out over the vast expanse of woods and water below his high ledge, he pulled the quilt around him and once more closed his eyes for the vision quest.

The air smelled terrible, it stunk.  He could barely breathe. He was walking a paved pathway and beside it a road with frequent cars was evidently the source of much of the pollution.  Turning to the river,  he was grieved at how few birds scratched in the muddy sand flats revealed by the tide.  Scattered trees spoke to him of poison in the soil, regularly applied and creating choking sensations at their roots. The great oak  was failing, losing minor branches, and with thinning leaves. People passed, walking briskly and without interaction.

He shuddered and the nightmare scenario changed..

Holding the  garment of flowing fabric up from the sandals on her feet, she ran from the flames. The great Library was burning. She must get to the temple. Many acolytes had left already and taken their sacred texts to the caves, but some had stayed to keep a normal appearance. It had been clear for some time that the barbarians were unstoppable, but burning the library, the great library with the treasury of the world’s knowledge was going to put an end to the era of co-operation, to  sharing  women’s wisdom, the Eleusynian mysteries, with the males, as they were beginning to share the ways of power with their women. She prayed her man would be safe; hopefully they would find each other together again when the destruction and madness had run its course.

Terrible scenes of violence and brutalisation  caused agony and the scenario changed again.. A moment in the decline of the Roman Empire – something wrong with the drinking water, too much investment in foreign wars bankrupting the local economy, terrible inequalities of wealth,,,, a moment in the decline of the British Empire … the end of the Indian Raj… the coming of the conquerors to America, to New Zealand,  to the islands, again and again and again he found himself living in a time of destruction and grief… old ways destroyed, old knowings lost, connection with stars and a living planet, a living ecosystem, a web of being, torn and destroyed over and over and over.

The vision changed.  He became a scientist in age after age, new discoveries bringing changes for good and for bad, people staying alive longer, others dying of impoverishment, greed flourishing and exploitation of the poor going hand in hand. Slowly the consciousness of the living planet was eradicated.  But then the scientists began to rediscover that which had been known in a different way before. They rediscovered the connection of all things with each other. At the same time as this knowledge emerged,  huge destruction took place.  The vision became clearer.  These lives were part of the emergence.

Choking on an air impossibly charged with oxygen, the cells devised a way to use the oxygen and create carbon dioxide. Because there was so much oxygen, the new oxygen using cells flourished.  After some time, simple division became complex – and functions specialized. Joyfully, the cells became flowers, making the process more beautiful, they learned to bring their insect selves  to assist in pollinating the flowering….. they became animal life in the sea and some of that life adapted to living in the air… the cells delighted in their own profusion. But once again destruction occurred, a part of the greater whole which they were, destroyed Life in its process in a fiery crash and a long dark night… and once again the cells which recognised themselves as Life  ( and he on the cliff observed himself as all this) created anew, building on what was left, what could survive did survive. A new era, quite unpredictable before it happened – emerged. Life became new mammalian forms and Love – the primary impetus emerged more clearly.

Mind considers Word.  Human thought plus stars (con sidera) = Logos (“god”). In Japanese the word order would be ‘Mind word considers’. ‘I see dog’ becomes ‘I dog see’. There is a mutual relationship , not subject object separation as in English language. Mind + logos consider each other.  lIfe, evolved into lOve. Separation is the necessary human evil, in which we became other than animals who do not use words. I in life evolving into o in Love.  The new stage building on and including the former.  Io  – Ground of Being,  goddess of Maori mythology.  Life , Love. Evol, efil( evil – missing the mark , the illusion and actuality of separation) . In the time before the tower of Babel all languages were one, the phonemes having many references. The tower of Babble is human kind’s arguing with words over the word. Bab el ( the gate bab, of god , elohim ( male and female) , became babble because the mystery cannot be told, only felt, as conscious wombmanity feels it. Jewish mystics know the intense layers of meaning in every letter, every phoneme, every word. Words become a silent bliss of  almost incommunicable, only experienceable delight.

The consciousness on the ledge knew itself to be itself throughout time. Some parts of itself delighting in exploration and discovery, some parts of itself deeply grieved at destruction and extinction. The only thing to do was to be aware and to appreciate that destruction and discovery go together, that the glass ceiling is a paper tiger, a tiger nonetheless whose power derives from consensual insanity.  To be mad in a time of madness is to be sane outside of  time. I AM Logos. I, Word, love and live.

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