A Question of Justice

A Question of Justice.

His tears flowed, large liquid crystal drops from his five year old eyes. “But I didn’t do it” , he wailed.
“Just say sorry!” , she repeated in frustration. His little sister  wailed mournfully from where she had landed on the grass.
“But she pushed in!” , he insisted.
The father from next door growled ,
“that is not the correct way to treat your sister”;  his boy looked on with interest.
“Apologize or we’re going inside and that’s it for playtime”.

Apology was not forthcoming. Inside,  the weeping and wailing intensified from both children and the baby joined in. Eventually peace was restored and snacks were distributed. The boy  was able to give his side of the story, and the tears were dried.

Granny explained that even if it was wrong to push in, and even if his sister had made a  good job of  falling even tho she was not pushed, she was smaller, he was bigger, and sometimes apologizing is simply the easiest way to get things sorted, especially seeing he was bigger. Sometimes its easier to let a little thing go, in the interests of keeping the game going.

“ So it’s better to apologize” , he said thoughtfully later, after eating his peanut butter sandwich for a while in silence. “Mmm hmmm”  came the affirmation.

But is this the lesson to teach an impressionable mind – that it is politic to accept injustice? That standing up for a fair application of rules across the board is unwise?

I guess so.  And thus the process of adult-eration begins.


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