Scenarios in my head – Ridiculous!

Scenarios in my head – Ridiculous!!

Turning away from jeering voices, my soul encourages it’s mind to continue, recognizing the pain and the glory co-existent there.

Muscovy duck, stylish red bandana with bright eye slit, and preeeny white feathers, turned head to look back at me, from the right eye – was I a peril? from the left eye – a peril or a persona,  a human mask inhabited by and aware of Life?

I turned my back to the duck and looked at it over my shoulder with left eye, pause, and then, turning my head,  with right eye. I slowly turned my head to look again with left eye – duck had hidden her head, red wattles hiding among wing and back feathers. Oh how the darling duck made me laugh with its invention and my mind’s surprise.

The temple at Persepolis has sculptures of lions on two legs, embracing human figures standing likewise. Once was a queendom when animals were not abused as less than human, when humans favored the noble characteristics of the animals we are. No doubt there were farmers who worked the land and supplied the palaces which kept the peace through establishing and maintaining justice, along with the elevated culture of the palace.

In these times, power is enslaved; in too many palaces Mammon and Mars rule, Gaia has been shoved aside. But this is to our growing and ever more obvious peril..

I exult in knowing my original spirit, which watches my mind spin its story in this body created by that Life, in the human pattern,  with my personal DNA, for its own elucidation.
The story of this  particular, time-bound body unfolds universally in memories, dreams and reflections – variations on the mundane, the far from banal theme of evolving animal consciousness.


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