Stories within Stories

I love this painting which is open to bids – for my candidate choice.. This is how I get involved with local politics. I’ve had a great time, meeting neighbors while campaigning. When i walk around my neighbrohood, yard signs I’ve got placed are like PokemonGO, in real life. It’s like finding a power ball that I placed there. I can bowl that ball at the monsters who pop up on the screen of my mind, because reality is our own fiction. WOOP WOOP. In my mind I’m contributing to an electoral process that works. Of course in reality…..   Fact is the rules of the game have been created by the players with the lowest morals. But we are rising, and we are sick of that. When they go low, we go high. Give me Pat Kemp and mass transit.  The painting is 40 x 60. The butterfly is an almost extinct Miami Blue. The dreaming cat is Mr Grey, the “cave painting” on the left is one of my alter egos, Bone Eye. You will find Kokopeli in the stars to the right, and a goddess – oh so many stories…

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