LIBi’s Big Adventure

What do you see?   3 beings or one big face or a bear like creature..?

dark and light seeing

In the pic below i see a blow-up water toy from my youth…Dark and light seeing 2

Artists see a living world in which dark and light are at play. Now i see a blindfolded, blinded king with a beaked nose and a tiny crown….. ( the top of the pic – head of the water toy -is cropped by my screen) .

I am teaching how to see light and dark – in the first instance reading meaning into light and dark. And in the instance below – we draw just the shapes of a black and white image while freeing our mind from the meaning portraits

I am teaching art and I love it. Contact me to come and learn or check out

Contact me and sort out your personal schedule of time and exchange .

Cheers, Lib



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