On the Eve of Destruction – live like the future you dream of.

Ecological collapse  – canary in the mine..


Like the citizens of Paris dancing the night before the German invasion of their city – which they could not believe would happen – who then had to flee leaving everything behind,; Like expatriate society in Singapore, partying and socialising the day before the war swept Singapore into the maelstrom of conflict; Our culture is blind to the brink of collapse. Natural disasters enhanced by mankind are the first crumbling signs of the impending collapse, Manmade war zones sweep many more away. Ecological devastation and starvation are the picture of what is coming. We will survive by ecological grace in ever smaller numbers until we are completely eradicated along with the ecological niche we inhabit, or perhaps just perhaps there will be adaptation. It is possible the move to the insane right will wake people up all over the world – the young are appearing on the political scenes and bringing the hope and inspiration. the old are dying. Change is certain. devastation is certain. How far it goes depends on us having hope in the possibility of change and working to live as future humans must live – like those in the ideal dreamed of past – which had a reality – in harmony with nature. it is possible. and we will have to learn it again. whether any food supplies will be sufficient to feed our large bodies remains to be seen. the meek who inherit the earth may be mushrooms. the giraffe with her tall neck seeing visions of sky and light is the same as peaceful Diplodicus the long neck dinosaur. that spirit is inherent in earth. Mushroom colonies are manifold. As eternal life force – I AM looking forward to the next billion years to see what glorious biosphere i become after this next great extinction. Life is inherent in earth. Humans are , like dinosaurs, an interesting but unsucessful experiment. Our mindstuff contributes to consciousness which is eternal. Awareness is step one. Stand in front of a tree and experience tree awareness. You will be consoled as you and tree both acknowledge this passing.


the image is a bee face, on silk , by me.

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the Cosmic Drama – a very short play.

Listen , my philosophy is that of Exuma, “tell the people to stop worrying, tell the people to love”.
Love – it means forgiveness and compassion and tolerance and understanding of our own and other’s human foibles.
It means knowing we are in this together – this era, this story, this country, this change, this sunny day or otherwise, this death, this consciousness of human death – starting with our own.
With  that dear 17th C John Donne  I say,  “ death be not proud…”  Death is a human concept, life, hell and paradise are here always all the time.  The little animals facing extinction as we are, see it as no other than their death, each individual represents the species . The fate of species is to evolve or go extinct, the individual contributes to the movement but does not alone choose the trajectory.
A Short Cosmic Drama:
Biospheric consciousness:
I am here and whether i evolve or die is up to me.  Yep change gonna come, change is here already.
Devil sings:
Its up to me, the way she talks when shes spoken to, … the change has come, she’s under my thumb. You are under a spell. Death and death wish co-arise.


Sun says:

Its a lot of fun;  like watching a car crash, like watching ants clean up a mess.  Dont worry be happy and love everything you can about yourself your life me, the day….

Patanjali stays in silence radiating calm awareness and the bliss of no boundaries.

jesus wept.

Goddess Speaks:

This blog is written for those who understand the myths legends stories have a necessary purpose in our lives; Who understand that myths legends stories evolve over time; who know that before there were books there were stories and story tellers, and that the stories evolved with the telling and the time.

Those who read this blog, know the truth of the statement “the stories we tell ourselves create our lives” . We recognise that all humans are telling ourselves a story- that we are creating our interaction with the world by the story we tell ourself of it.

This blog requires a reader who is prepared to entertain ideas that may at first seem alien or counter intuitive or different or insane or scary.

This blog seeks to evolve the definition of what is called God, to a place where that word is closer to Mystery, without losing any of it’s power in the human heart.

This blog seeks to introduce the notion of Goddess as Nature, as Earth or Gaia, which means to be able to understand the biosphere as a living, communicative being.

This blog seeks to find the acceptable, valuable truth in the traditions it explores, and suggests; most particularly in my own inherited faith tradition – the currently much reviled and revile-able tradition called “Christianity.”

WWJB – Who Would Jesus Bomb? is a good place to start. Answer: clearly no one.
WWJD – may be misused by some. We who heed the words, “”judge not that ye be not judged” , and recognise that they imply: “as ye judge others, so shall ye judge yourselves. As ye hate others, so do you reveal your self hatred” also take heed to be compassionate, tolerant and aware of other’s motivating causes and conditions, all of which we do not presume to know.

We project on to “Jesus” our ideal of human behaviour. I like to consider WWJD and so I comprehend that others may love to believe in a real human being named Jesus who did everything exactly as reported in the gospels ( contradictorily or not). As a compassionate tolerant person, i understand that the love i have for the concept of an ideal human, is mirrored in the belief others have in that named divine human being.

I like to imagine living my life as though the mind of the putative Jesus was in my head. That one is compassionate and understands my causes and conditions, accepting me without condoning or being resigned to my shortcomings. It is me.


This helps me to understand that we are living through another iteration of the human story. It is once again the end time, like Singapore expat community dancing the night before the war blew in on their shores, Paris the week before the Germans invaded, coastal humans in the couple of years before the big ice melt …
the battle of those who were meant to love each other is once again center stage.
The High Man, ( whose story is told on earth as Orion, Ideal Jesus (or other mythologised figure), and Higher Self) is marked out in Earth monuments, and stars in the sky.
Celtic Culture was born on high,
living on in the “foul rag and bone shop of the heart.”

Image: Triskedali Skedaddle.  30 x 40 in large mat. Available in Tampa $125

the Voices of Water

My mind is in a constant stream of consciousness with many voices . I begin to identify them and feel that they are consciousness itself in all its many  iterations.
I am this current assemblage of experience and input. Here is my output today.
The Voices Of Water
I am.
Water is consciousness.
Matter is conscious
Sun gives life.
Matter and water co-create.
Eternal trinity outside of time what is I AM.
Death is inevitable.
Each life force experiences the “7 years of famine and the 7 years of plenty”.
My life in my “luxury” and my art studio is the culmination and the Paradise of so many previous iterations of my essential life force. How the maid who boiled and carried the water, the woman who chopped the wood for husband and children’s bath before hers,  love to bathe in the tub. How the artistic person, whose gifts lay unexplored because living required endless labor, delights in my studio.  Western culture either does not recognise the indestructible life force or calls it soul. This essential life force or human soul is recognised by Maori who refer to it as Mauri.. Wairua is the designation of the individual soul. Life force itself – flowing in so many channels, is One. I O. Io – supreme beingNonbeing. One Zero.
In this moment many are experiencing the years of famine in which nature’s glory may be more obvious as they live lives more connected to Earth and less sheltered.
May gifts of kindness and food, shelter and hope be theirs more and more, so they may have happiness, if not yet plenty.
Many are experiencing the years of plenty.
Our lack of awareness makes no difference and all the difference to the trajectory of life.
Humanity is moving to awareness of unity. Our species has experienced  times of scarcity when we live closer to Earth, and times of plenty, when we harness and master energy. The Holocene pleasant stable temperatures gave us a taste of Paradise.  Having kicked ourselves out of Paradise and into the Anthropocene,  our species is  now heading for the times of scarcity, “when they shall long for death” .
Those of us who see this, and are unable to communicate it effectively;
those of us for whom the  reveal of life’s meaning or purpose  is unable to stabilize, also “long for death”.
For me, the Hope switch in my brain is constantly returned to the On position, by the Consolations of Philosophy. My joy comes from the Hope that i could share how i see the world. So i do.
My dead are in my head in a constant dialogue. I call them the voices of water. Water is consciousness. Ibi, goddess.  Matter, the time and space congealment of energy, is conscious. Sun Ra gives life. Water and matter co-create with that life. The eternal trinity is now and ever shall be.
So many dead, and so many by their own hand. Suicide species! In the consciousness of water, and sunshine, Water is life, Sun gives life. If only I could shine the light into the darkness of meaninglessness and pain.
For me, the voices in my head  are the beings now dead who share my life and some of them can speak. Love!  is the instruction.  “Love thy neighbor as thyself ” – and how we moderns hate ourselves! My dead are already with me and I am already with them. This is Paradise, but it can be hell to live here.
Elizabeth E Mitchell
Silk Painting and Studio Experiences.

My letter SunlightFlorida.org

Endless pamphlets from SunlightFlorida.org come in my mail, with images of  Dana Young, and her name in large print. She is a Florida lawmaker who votes against healthcare. SunlightFlorida ostensibly want us to call her.  I wrote them thus:

Thanks for all the free publicity for Dana Young. I sure wont forget her name when it comes to voting.

I   associate her name with pamphlets that told me healthcare should be affordable for everyone.

I have no idea who  is running against her or if she’s on the ballot in November,  or what district she represents and whether its mine, but when it comes to voting, I’ll certainly remember her name. and I know she has something to do with fairness in healthcare. I get so many pamphlets from you about her which I glance at and throw in the trash…
thank you so much.

Elizabeth E Mitchell
Post Script: Once i decided to actually see who the heck was sending me all these reminders about her – you know name recognition is so important, –  i thought perhaps it is a republican organisation …
a confusing but brilliant tactic.
If it is a mole who reads this email , i expect it to be trashed. If it someone who is actually concerned about an equitable future I hope you will hear and understand .and WAKE UP.
Democrats seize defeat from the jaws of victory because they focus on negative details instead of positive visions. The people dont care cant deal with the details – we leave that up to those in the know. We want VISION.

i’ll be at Cool Art in St Pete july 14/15 2018

Eid al Fitr – something i know almost nothing about.

Today til sunset is EID AL FITR. \he end of Ramadan is but the tip of the iceberg. Once we take a closer look, we discover it is the day to perform zakat. or charitable giving. On further analysis I propose this clarification :
Humanists want our wealth which is taxed by our elected government to be self generating through positive programs , rather than our wealth being used to destroy our environment and our brothers and sisters, militarising our communities and poisoning the common weal.
from wikipedia:
Zakat (Arabic: زكاة zakāh [zaˈkaː], “that which purifies”…a form of almsgiving …ranking next after prayer in importance.
As one of the 5 pillars of Islam, zakat is a… charitable contribution [based on] the right of the poor to find relief from the rich.
Zakat is based on income and the value of all of one’s possessions,….above a minimum amount known as nisab. [It] is paid to the poor, and the needy, ….. to free from slavery, to debtors, in the cause of Allah, and the stranded traveller.
Today, in most Muslim-majority countries, zakat contributions are voluntary. In Libya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia,Sudan, and Yemen, zakat is mandated and collected by the state.
Shias, unlike Sunnis, have traditionally regarded zakat as a private and voluntary decision, and they give zakat to imam/[church]-sponsored rather than state-sponsored collectors.
My comment:
Separation of Church and state looks like the Shia/Humanist form of religion.
Social Safety net style state taxation looks like the Sunni/Humanist form of religion.
Religion mandated by the state is the Fundamentalist form of religion. Fundamentalists want to make charity voluntary because they believe in perfection, and tout their own lives as exemplary.
Church going fundamentalists want the church to be involved in government and taxation.
Atheists are concerned to deny anything religious.
Humanists want our wealth which is taxed by our elected government to be self generating through positive programs , rather than our wealth being used to destroy our environment and our brothers and sisters, militarising our communities and poisoning the common weal.

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